Vpn it yourself

Create your layer of security with vpn on a raspberry.
start with the basics:

And when done playing with that use Wireguard

Or look for Online VPN PAID products like GOOSE VPN or MULVAD.
If you don’t pay you will be the product with free products

or try https://protonvpn.com/pricing

Do I need a VPN?



Iam JR, welcome!

Why do want a server at home? If you found your answer maybe I can help you alongā€¦

If you don’t understand how to secure your router at home then is an online service beter for you. For example Digital Ocean has great products.

But a server at home can bring you a lot more: any server, 24/7, your hardware, your policy, your privacy. For example https://freedombox.org/ is a great solution.

Lets begin with a Raspberry Pi, Why? It’s cheap, and a nice starter for a dedicated server.

Let me know if you like this site šŸ˜‰